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December 14, 2008

Back to school!

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The recent financial crisis and the following ‘panic stop’ in the world wide economy have also reached my part of the world.  In my opinion all the Medias have this time successfully contributed to the recession status.

The first cut down among the costs (in my wallet) is to end my MSDN subscription. For several years I have subscribed to it and the subscription has giving me a lot of new knowledge as well as the opportunity to explore new tools. During the present circumstances it’s simple too expensive. I also expect that I will be forced to reduce the costs additional within the nearest future… 

During previously recessions I have taken the time to learn new things or add knowledge to my knowledge on various subjects. This time is not an exception and I have decided to set focus on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (aka MOSS) and later on the Excel service that MOSS provides. In other words, MOSS will be on the agenda for 2009!

As for the blogging I have promised myself to post more frequently next year about Excel automation, managed COM add-ins and VSTO.

Finally, I want to wish all the readers of this blog a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperity New Year with the below picture. It was taken by me today around 14:00 at Storsjö’s beach (about 1 km from where I live).  At the time of taking the picture the temperature was around -12 Celsius.

Kind regards,


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