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April 10, 2009

Sheet Navigation in The Ribbon UI – Part I

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This is the first post out of two that will be dealing with Sheet Navigation and how we create solutions for it in the Ribbon UI. In my experience sheet navigation is common for large-scale dictator applications but also for smaller application solutions.

The example provided here is based on a VSTO workbook solution which contains five worksheets and the whole solution is showed in the following screen shot:


The end user UI is based on four customized images and when the users run the solution the following UI is available:


The customized Ribbon UI solution is a basic approach that does not involve any advanced or complext coding. The following procedure is executed when users click on one of the image buttons:


As we can see we convert the ActiveSheet to an Interop worksheet which gives us access to the Previous and Next methods of the worksheet object. Other then that standard code is being use and should not create any issuse.

In the second post I will discuss more advanced sheet navigation in the Ribbon UI.

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