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December 20, 2012

Support for Small Business by Microsoft

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I’m happy to inform that Microsoft is developing and expand their services and support to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). From my point of view this is most welcoming as this group of companies have been sidestepped for some time now by Microsoft, in favour to the group of enterprises.

I know that professional MS Excel consultants work on a daily basis with the SMB group. When Microsoft now start to build up a strong support for this group I’m convinced that the companies can increase their ROI when using Microsoft’s products. It will also help the Excel consultants group in that they now can point their clients to Microsoft’s support portal.

I’m also convinced that the group of Excel consultants can get some help from the portal themselves.

All in all, everyone can benefit from Microsoft’s venture on SMB 🙂

At present Microsoft is building up the portal so in the coming weeks we can find more and more information. Please add a bookmark for the new portal and make sure You check it out on a regular basis:

Support for Small Business

Enjoy it!

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