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February 28, 2013

Windows 8 – News and Solutions

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SamLogic have recently published some articles at their blog about Windows 8 and the news for it. Personally I have difficulties to work with Windows 8. Maybe I’m too old and simple don’t understand how wonderful the new UI actually is.

One thing we know for sure, when Microsoft designed Windows 8 it was not the desktop platform in focus. For me Windows 8 works well with smart devices and pads.

Anyway, here comes the links to each article:



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February 22, 2013

POEditor: An Excellent Translation Tool!

It’s very exceptionable that I get thrilled over a software. The last time must be the first version of Excel 2.1d, that’s nearly 30 ago, I got in my hand!

I can only say that it’s an excellent software and it’s also free. It’s so good that I say its speak for itself.

The URL to POEditor is: http://poeditor.com/


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February 21, 2013

Black clouds over MS Office 2013

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I’m getting worried over what’s going on. For every new version of Office and Excel there has been a positive tone in the online community and an excitement with the new features.

But that’s not really true with MS Office 2013. The terms to use a license shrink and some features are no longer available in some packages like Office Professional effectively prevent all happiness with the new version.

Instead of going on with the details I give two URLs that explain the new issues with Office 2013.

If we view it friendly we could say that both the new license agreement and the lack of some tools are due to that the new version actually targets smart devices and pads. It makes sense that softwares are tight to the devices in a different way than to the Desktop platform.

However, the future is not here yet so still the Desktop platform plays a critical role and will still do it for some time.

The only reasonable conclusion is to not upgrade to MS Office 2013.

  • If we have MS Office 2010 there is no reason to upgrade to MS Office 2013.
  • If we have MS Office 2003 or MS Office 2007 then consider to upgrade to MS Office 2010 but not MS Office 2013.

The above two alternatives offer best value for our money and still support our business very well.

It will also send a clear message to Microsoft: Do it again! Do it right!

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February 4, 2013

Ninja WinRT Database Released

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For the larger group of developers the vendor Kellerman Software may be an unknown vendor. Time to change it. For the last couple of years I have been using components for developing managed COM solutions for MS Excel. The components are great and do the work well.

Now Kellerman Software has released their first version of their Ninja Database for the Windows 8 Runtime. Ninja WinRT Database is an ACID compliant object database and is compatible with any WinRT processor including ARM, x64 and x86.

As an introduction Kellerman Software offers 50 % discount on the price until 9th February.

For more information please see: Ninja WinRT Database

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Note: I have no financial interest in Kellerman Software and their products. I’m just a pleased customer.

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