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September 25, 2006

The framework for the 1st case study

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The first case study I plan to do for the coming weeks will be about creating an add-in that includes:

  • Creating a customized menu
  • Creating a customized toolbar
  • Using Application events
  • Using a connection to a SQL Server and
  • Retrieving data

In that way the case will cover what I consider to be a framework. In order to get Excel developers up to speed the case will include:

  • How to create the add-in with VBA and
  • Port the add-in to VB 6.0 to create a COM add-in
  • Port the add-in to VB.NET to create a managed COM add-in
  • Port the add-in to VSTO 2005 SEB to create a managed add-in

Is this OK? 

Later I will show how we can solve the issue of creating add-ins for Excel 2000 to Excel 2007.

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September 22, 2006


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I finally decided to set up my own blog which will be focusing on .NET and Excel.

I have some simple guidelines when making comments here:

  • All comments are subject for moderation before accepted.
  • Only real names are acceptable.
  • Only real e-mail’s accounts are acceptable.
  • No links are acceptable unless they actually contribute to the ongoing discussions.
  • No titles or so called ‘tags’ are acceptable, i e they will be removed.

I will post on a weekly basis as I can’t promise to keep a higher pace then that. After all, the virtual life is only a small fraction of the more ‘normal’ life or should I say ’should’ be.

Depending on the blog’s popularity I may consider to move it to an own topdomain or to a subdomain under ExcelKB.COM. Until further notice it will be available at this URL. One important aspect is that I will maintain a ‘clean’ interface for the blog.

Anyway, let me know what You think of this new blog and what You would like to see being posted here.

All the very best from,

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