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October 30, 2013

Crazy things at a Peer Support forum

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Let me tell You a story of a Peer Support Forum that do things totally different then other forums do. It’s remarkable that it happens 2013 at an US-centric forum as the actions are more like to be find in a country without any democracy.

# Moderators correct the English in use, especially when non-US citizens make post.

I find it very abusing. It’s like treating non-US citizens as second class members. It’s the first time for me. after all the years in the online communities, that my English has been corrected. It was also the first time where I explicit was abused for my poor English.

# Moderators remove threads that are critical in some way to the product the forum is based on.

I simple lack word for it.

# Members of the forum can be black listed if they continue to be critical.


# Members who still not follow the rules are kicked out and blocked to access the forum.


If You want to view it You can access it via the following URL:

Of course, only customers to the product can be members.

In my next article I will discuss what customer service is for me and what it is for the company behind the product.

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PS: If You want to spell check this blog article it’s not possible.


October 11, 2013

Apps Launcher – Windows 8

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I have been using Windows 8 for a while. As most of us know it’s primarily for touch screens which can create some issues on the desktop. Most softwares I use are usually placed on the Task bar. Up to Windows 7 it worked well out.

With Windows 8 I started to notice that I sometime cannot access the Task bar. In other words it’s not accessible. Perhaps I have not found out the right keys combination. Of course, an even better solution may be to skip the Task bar in the first place.

So I decided to create a small utility, App Launcher, where my favorite tools are available for me. The screen shot below shows the UI for App Launcher.


App Launcher is a test pilot. If things go well I will create a better tool that makes it possible to add/remove/replace tools. But at present I will test the App Launcher to find out if it suites me or not.

Is this kind of tool attractive for other users as well?

Edit: What I originally forgot to mention in this article is that with a (free) tool like App Launcher it will also be possible to start the tools with various start parameter(s).

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PS: App Launcher is created with Xojo.

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